Welcome to Xishi Elementary School

Nestled in Fuxing Township, Changhua County, Xishi Elementary School is a thriving educational community where every child's potential is nurtured. Surrounded by rich cultural heritage and natural beauty, our school is a beacon of learning and growth.

Academic and Athletic Excellence: Our students are known for their diligence and balanced development in both academics and sports. We foster an environment where every child can excel and explore their full potential.

Community and Culture: The heart of our school lies in the strong support and involvement of our Parent-Teacher Association and dedicated volunteers. Recognized as a model community, Xishi is enriched with cultural resources, actively bringing the community and school together in harmony.

Dynamic and Holistic Education: We believe in creating a campus atmosphere filled with joy, diversity, and comprehensive development. Our innovative approach includes integrating bilingual education into everyday life, enhancing arts and aesthetic learning, and embracing technology-assisted self-directed learning. We are pioneers in incorporating tablet-based learning, constantly evolving to meet the educational needs of the modern era.

Our Vision for the Future: With the support of various resources enhancing our infrastructure, we are excited about our journey ahead. As we look forward to the next chapter, Xishi Elementary School remains committed to racing towards dreams and building a future of limitless possibilities for our students.

Join Us at Xishi Elementary: Where dreams are nurtured, talents are discovered, and futures are bright. Explore, learn, and grow with us in a world of endless opportunities!



學術和運動優異: 我們的學生以勤奮和在學術及運動上的均衡發展而聞名。我們創造了一個環境,讓每個孩子都能夠優秀並探索他們的全部潛力。

社區與文化: 我們學校的核心在於家長會和專注的志工們的強大支持與積極參與。作為全國模範社區,西勢擁有豐富的文化資源,積極地將社區與學校融為一體。

動態全人教育: 我們相信要創造一個充滿歡樂、多元和全面發展的校園氛圍。我們的創新方法包括將雙語教育融入日常生活、加強藝術美感學習,以及採用科技輔助的自主學習。我們在融合平板電腦學習方面是先驅,不斷地進化以滿足現代時代的教育需求。

未來展望: 隨著各種資源的支持,加強我們的基礎設施,我們對未來的旅程充滿期待。在展望下一章節時,西勢國小仍然致力於追逐夢想,為我們的學生打造無限可能的未來。

加入西勢國小: 在這裡,夢想被培養,才能被發現,未來光明璀璨。在一個充滿無限機會的世界中和我們一起探索、學習和成長!